Thank you for making my #ALE2012 special

ALE 2012 has been officially closed for over two hours now and, even though I have been handing out thank you cards all day, I still feel the urge to write a thank-you tweet to the people that made it special.

But I run into a technical limitation: tweet length. So I had to do it in this post.

This is the tweet I would write if I had no length constraint:

@IvanaGancheva @eidrien @mlainez @gbrindusa @xavi_albaladejo @wasitova @siraju @mccarthyjim1 @henrikkniberg @atassani @vgaltes @gilbroza @YvesHanoulle @haaslab @LeanVoices @ESviridenko @vinylbaustein @jurgenappelo @astarteny @scharlau @GerardChiva @CatOliv @jaumejornet @sakbiv @michael_leber @williamgill @davidcampey @adibolb and Gemma (from Xing) thanks for making my #Ale2012 special!

248 characters over the limit, and I am certain I am forgetting somebody, forgive me if it’s you.

And special double thank you to all organizers and volunteers!!!

Thank you for allowing my kids to be part of this!!!

I need to write several more posts about thoughts and ideas I have from being part of #ALE2012, but for this post I just want to offer a couple data points, which have been making me think about quality and size.

The number of attendees at ALE 2012 was a little over 100 (120 according to the published list of participants).

When I came back from Agile 2012, two weeks ago, my thank-you tweet read as follows:

@arlobelshee @lightsmith @erwilleke @coreyhaines@lunivore thanks for making my #Agile2012 special!

The number of attendees at Agile2012 was almost 2,000.

And that is all that I am able to write today. I have too much in my head.


31. August 2012 by ariadna
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