Human-Centered Design Workshop @LUMA Institute (MAYA) – Day 1

Today was my first day at a 2-day workshop about Human-Centered Design @LUMA Institute (MAYA). I was surprised by the overwhelming majority of participants being from Emerson, Oil & Gas, and I am still curious to find out how/when are they planning to use what they are learning at the workshop.

Today, Pete and Sam covered:

* Stakeholder Mapping (car buying exercise)
* Interviewing (car buying exercise, Stewart -Software Engineer- was my victim)
* Persona Profiles (car buying exercise, Mike – “I know what I want”)

* Contextual Inquiry (video of women suffering from diabetes)
* Experience Diagramming (had fun drawing annotated flow chart diagram with Kate)
* Rose, Bud, Thorn (Problem framing)

It was highly interactive, and we were doing hands-on exercises before an hour had gone by. Warming exercises included drawing a person/you and putting it on a board (similarly to a stakeholder mapping), ideation around developing a product to encourage diabetic kids eat healthy food and exercise more (foodball) (4×3 postits), and collaboratively developing a poster for that product.

It was fun!

26. July 2011 by ariadna
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